New Product Development

New Product/ Service ideas

No Bull will start with the groundwork of examining the client’s possibilities, know-how along with other determinant factors. These findings will be combined and compared to the Market – Competition facts.
No Bull will then proceed in determining those “market – product” areas which present opportunities according to the client’s particulars.
Finally the deliverable to the client will be a report presenting and justifying New Applications of an existing product, New Products, New Markets to be deployed, along with any other spin-off idea which would promote the client’s further development.
The average time required for completion for New Product Ideas is 2 months from its starting date.

New Product/ Service Development

No Bull may undertake an analysis and finally present a concise and comprehensive possibility – alternative scenario for new product development.
Upon agreement or determination of specifications, No Bull proceeds with a proposal and business plan in regards to the new product. This will include Product ID, proposed and required activities, an actions’ timeframe along with every other necessary detail in order for our client to proceed with the product development.
This Service is actually comprised by two separate services (Groundwork & Planning). No Bull may provide both combined or each one separately.
We can not offer an indication of the average time of delivery, as time required is directly related to the nature of the New Product Developed.

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